A Brief Guide on 5G Technology in India

5G Technology in India: Who is your Internet service provider? What technology you are consuming to use the Internet? Is it 4G, 3G or you still stuck at 2G? Do you Know? In India, still in 2019, there are 54% of people using 2G. Before 8 months, the number of percentages had been whooping at 78%. In 2018 78% of the people in India used 2G which has a maximum speed of 100Kbps.  This clearly shows the technological development in India. In recent years, Internet users in India have grown exponentially. You all know what the reason behind this huge bump in users is.

Yes! Jio- It is the only thing which creates a revolution in the Indian telecom industry. Due to its low data packs and daily FUPs, many people started using the Internet. Also, they are the only network in India which offers complete 4G network in India. Although the speeds are not great in world-class, if we compare the speeds with other providers in India you won’t complain much.

I still remember I need to recharge 295 pack for getting 1Gb per month. Now things are changed much we can easily get 1.5Gb per day for RS.199 in all operators. Because if they don’t offer these packs then the company will be demolished in a month. You all know what happened to Aircel and other network providers.  Now, we are having people who use 4g networks more than 3G networks. People are switching from 2G network to 4G network.

4G technology is capable of providing 100 Mbps easily on moving device. But In India, we don’t even get 10Mbps in 4G. Our 4G consumers are increasing day by day but this is not the case with 4G speeds in India. In a recent report, the average 4G speed in India is around 5Mbps. Here Airtel is providing the best speeds than Jio but their availability is not good enough to compete with Jio.  Clearly, in the 4G game, Jio is the unbeatable winner in India. As a quick note, India is at the 89 positions of countries with good 4G connections with a speed of 6.8 Mbps.  Our neighbour Singapore has a whopping 60.9 Mbps and at the top of the table. We are still not utilizing half of the benefits of 4G technology in India but the fast-moving technology world is looking forward to 5G technology. So we are also looking for 5G technology in India. Let us discuss what are all the possibilities of 5G technology in India.


5G technology is not yet completely implemented in any country in the world. In theory, a wireless 5G network is capable of transferring data at a speed of 20 Gbps. Even if we can reach half of the speed, it will be a huge breakthrough in the telecom industry. It not only improves the speed of the transmission, but it also consumes lesser power, improved latency than previous technology.

There are many demonstrations from many companies across the globe showing it is possible to get above 10Gbps in 5G technology. But implementing 5G technology isn’t simple. Most of the infrastructures need to be changed completely. Recently, Qualcomm demonstrated a real-world 5G in an event. In that event, users got around 900 Mbps real-world speed which is 100% more than what we are experiencing today.

Using 5G technology we can stream 8K videos without buffering, downloading a movie will hardly take 3-4 seconds, possible to use 120FPS remotely.

Until now there are three operators in the US started their work on upgrading their network to 5G. Not only operators device manufacturers like Samsung, xiaomi, Huawei, Oneplus already released their 5G enabled smartphones. Apple is also planning to release 5G enabled iPhones in early 2020.  Once Apple released 5g enabled mobiles, there is a significantly large number of users having 5G enabled smartphones. Thereby operators are in a situation to provide 5G connections.

But it is not the situation in India. We are still struggling to experience real 4G speeds. But if Jio enters into the 5G game, everything will be changed in really very quick. As of now, there won’t be any 5G in India. Expects predict we can see 5G networks by 2021 in India.

So if you are planning to buy a 5G device in India, you are not gonna use 5G anytime soon in India. Instead, we need to ask the operator for better 4G speeds and more reliable connections. Before moving to the next technology we need to experience the real benefits of the current technology. Isn’t it? What’s your thought on this? Let us know in the comment section. We are always the later adopter of newer technology and 5G is following the same path too.


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